Expansive Common Areas
A distinctive feature of Napa Valley is the generous amount of common area available for all residents to enjoy.  With over 40 acres of parks, ponds and other green space, our homeowners find plenty of reason to get outside and enjoy the natural surroundings.  All areas are meticulously maintained by professional grounds-keeping crews to allow for a carefree environment and pride of ownership.  The large areas of greenspace and ponds appropriately accent the large lots and estate homes found here, beautifully complementing the overall landscape of the community.
Pool and Clubhouse
The private pool is a relaxing place to cool off on a hot summer's day.  Complete with decking area, lounge chairs and nearby tennis court -- it's a great outlet for friends and families to meet up.  The clubhouse includes restroom/changing room and a refrigerator for your snacks and beverages.
Private Community
Napa Valley is a private, covenant controlled community.  As such, the attention to aesthetics and quality of home sites provides a consistent and reliably maintained neighborhood that translates into greater pride of ownership and stronger property values.  With gated access and security measures, homeowner's can feel more secure with their surroundings. 
The children's playground is located in the meadows area.  Featuring a jungle gym and swings, it's a great place for the little ones to get out and have some fun.  The picnic area pavilion and basketball court is nearby. 
Stocked Ponds and Water Features
There are several water features throughout the community, with the primary bodies of water being three large ponds that provide great recreational fishing spots for residents.  Those not into fishing will certainly enjoy the picturesque scenes of water, with one of the primary roadways traversing the ponds.  As you drive down Champagne Road and cross the bridge, the view to the south pond provides an "infinity pool" type of view as the land seems to fall away to the Raccoon River Valley below.
Sporting Areas and Recreation
The community provides ample areas for outdoor activities, including a basketball court, playground, tennis court, pool, fishing ponds, and excellent terrain for walking and biking throughout the neighborhood.
Private Snow Removal
The HOA maintains contracts with local service providers to ensure the streets are maintained all seasons of the year.  Winter snow removal from the roadways and regular sand/salt applications ensure residents are able to get where they need to go without waiting for city or county crews to show up. 
Pavilion and Picnic Area
A large picnic area is a prominent feature of one of the spacious west park, complete with large covered pavilion, tables, and parking.  Adjacent to the picnic area, residents also enjoy the large front pond, wide open spaces, and basketball court.
On-site Caretaker
The resident caretaker and family live in the community, and are very helpful to homeowner's and the association for all types of ad-hoc activities.  He also has regular duties to ensure that maintenance and repair jobs are being completed according to community standards, while also providing another a watchful eye to augment security measures already in place.
Property Management Services
The Napa Valley HOA contracts with a professional property management firm to assist with project planning and general management for capital improvements, regular maintenance and repairs.  Members of the firm have long been involved in the development, maintenance and improvements throughout the community.  They continually provide the quality services which allows the homeowners to live the carefree lifestyle they desire.