Association Info
Prior to 2009, the Napa Valley Owner's Association was managed by Bill Knapp and Knapp Properties, with all voting rights held by Bill Knapp.  In 2009, the control of NVOA was transferred to the property owner's in Napa Valley and the NVOA continued to work with Knapp Properties for property management activities.  As of May 2023, NVOA now works with West Property Management for those activities.  
The current managing documents of the HOA and be found through the following links:
Amended and Restated Bylaws 7-21-2020
Amendment to Bylaws 1-6-2023
Restated Amended Declaration of Covenants 6-25-2009
Regulations 6-1-2019
Recorded Plat Maps can be found through the following link:
Napa Valley Plat Maps
(This will take you to the Dallas County Geographic Data site.  Enter "Napa Valley" in the search box.)